Monday, February 2, 2009

Ivy Leaguer. Rapper. Baseball Historian. Man of Many Talents.

You may remember the outstanding 3rd Bass video I posted on Sunday. They had two solid records and a minor hit with"Gas Face" and a larger hit with "Pop Goes the Weasel". I liked them but can't say I was a huge fan. I had the Derelicts of Dialect tape, but don't remember much from it.

To follow up on that post, and yes, it is sports related, I give you an update on Peter Nash, aka Prime Minister Pete Nice. Seems that Pete has led a pretty interesting life. He attended Columbia University where he was on the basketball team, was a member of 3rd Bass and is now a baseball historian, employed by the National Baseball Hall of Fame. That is something I might be interested in.

I could drone on about his story, but this New York Times piece probably does a better job than I could do. Additionally, he was quoted in an article discussing the asterisk on the Bonds ball.

I could think of a lot worse jobs than baseball historian. An interesting story if you have the time to read it.


woziszeus said...

I'm telling you...after hanging out with Goldy a few times, the man has hip hop wisdom beyond anybody I've ever heard.

It's time to start a new website Goldy...with your thoughts on the industry.

Nubs said...

I know what you may be thinking. But trust me I've been told it's ok "He's from Racine".

Goldy said...

Solid effort there Nubs.