Monday, February 2, 2009

Congrats To Pittsburgh For Winning The Dicky Lombardi Trophy

Apparently, Santonio Holmes thought the Lombardi Trophy was named after "Dicky Lombardi?"

According to the New York Daily News, Holmes twice referred to the man for whom the Super Bowl trophy is named after as “Dicky Lombardi,” during a ceremony this morning.

Hmmm. Yeah, that Dicky Lombardi was quite a coach. Winning all those games in Clarence Lambau Field with Peter Hourning, Robbie Nitchke, and Billy Starr.

Other famous Dicky's: Dickie Thon and Dickey Simpkins.


Clownshiplollypop said...

From what I gathered from last nights game:

A. The Steelers play dirty and sometimes criminally.

B. The referees were Steelers fans

How the fuck can you not review if Warners arm was going forward on the final play of the Super Bowl?! It was clearly an incomplete pass.

The Cardinals got raped.

graf said...

was that sarcasm or do you really believe that zona got screwed?

ClownShipLollypop said...

I'm totally serial guys.

Matt said...

I was also shocked that they didn't at least review that play.

I thought the game was a total debacle from an officiating point of view, and I didn't give a rat's ass who won.

One thing that Madden and Michaels missed talking about was the facemask call on Rogers-Cromartie on the Steelers receiver (Holmes, I think). They only showed one replay, but it looked to me that this was a blown call too (along with the pansy roughing the passer penalty later in that drive).

Not so anonymous Jake said...

The facemask was legit, Cromartie got the receiver pretty good; you could see it on the replay from the far end zone camera shot.

Also no question Warner's fumble should have been reviewed. I would have called it incomplete. It looked like warner kept a grip on the ball the whole way until his arm was going forward.

I wish that Super Bowl would have ended with the hail mary. I would have loved to see the best receiver tandem in NFL history go after a jump ball to win the Super Bowl.

David said...

I'm with all of ya on the "fumble". It should have been reviewed. Also that roughing the passer call was BS, there's no way he could have stopped before he hit Ben.