Thursday, February 12, 2009

Under The Radar

My guy Larry Wayne called me to proclaim his NCAA Tournament sleeper - Northwestern. This was when they were controlling Illinois, up 6 with a few minutes left. They processed to shit the bed. Larry then called them: "my NIT sleeper." Ha. Here's a few under the radar team/players I've seen this year:


James Harden, Arizona State - The Pac-10 doesn't get much airtime before 10 PM, but this guy's legit.

James Johnson, Wake Forest - Jeff Teague gets all the pub for Wake...Johnson is the Swiss Army Knife. Plus, he's like a double black belt in karate...that has to count for something, right?

Curtis Jerrels, Baylor - If the Bears played any D, they'd be a serious tournament sleeper and this guy would get some notoriety.

Trevor Booker, Clemson - A f_cking man-child. THIS was one of the better dunks while watching live in a long time.


Clemson - I know, I know...they're like top 10. But NOBODY in your office will pick them in the Great 8. Trust me.

Dayton - No, I'm not just saying this because they beat Marquette. When I've watched, they seemed to play well together and have more athleticism than you would expect Dayton to have.

Villanova - Sort or under the radar in the Big East with UConn, Pitt, MU, Syracuse, and Notre Dame getting the (good, or bad in ND's case) pub. They can score in bunches lead by 9th year senior Scottie Reynolds. I can't imagine someone shutting them down in rounds 1 or 2 in the tourney.

BYU - All 5 of the Cougs losses have been "good" (Wake, @ASU by 1, @UNLV in OT, @Utah, @New Mexico). I'm actually hoping they lose a few more and get like a 10 seed. First round win will be guaranteed and will give fits to the #2 seed in round 2.
Miami (Fl) - A whole bunch of close losses.

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Rubie Q said...

I wish Scottie Reynolds was a senior. Unfortunately, he's a ninth-year junior. Guy's been around for-freaking-ever.