Friday, February 13, 2009

Top 100 Prospects

Baseball Prospectus has released its Top 100 Prospects list for 2009.

Five Brewers prospects made the top 100 -

Alcides Escobar (51)
Brett Lawrie (57)
Mat Gamel (58)
Jeremy Jeffress (72)
Angel Salome (79)

Not too shabby - 3 in the top 60 and 5 in the top 80, although they have 0 in the top 50 according to this ranking.

Other NL Central teams and the number of players on the list:

Cardinals (3)
Reds (3)
Pirates (3)
Cubs (2, 1 of whom is Samardzija, who is already with the big club)
Astros (1)
According to BP the Houston system is barren, as their top prospect is #76 on this list.
The highest rated players in the NL Central are Pedro Alvarez, 3B for Pittsburgh (4) and Colby Rasmus, OF for St. Louis (8).
Matt LaPorta ranked #30, if you're interested.


Mark Rodgers said...

Where am I?

Matt said...


woziszeus said...

Wait a second...Lawrie is higher then Gamel?

I need to read up on that. That doesn't make sense. Gamel raked last year in Double A and Lawrie hasn't even seen A ball yet...

...I'm curious to see what the deal is with that.

garcia said...

I just heard on XM MLB radio that there is "bad news for the brewers"

Apparently Bill Hall has a partial tear in his calf muscle and could be out 4-8 weeks (i think that's the time frame).

All I could think of was... "where's the bad news?"

garcia said...

I suppose the bad news is that it's only 4-8 weeks and not months.

Matt said...

That didn't take long. JS Online is saying 4-6 weeks. Gamel now gets a lot more time at 3B this spring, I would suppose.

Woz, I think BA looks at the player's projected ceiling when they do these lists. Plus they favor Canadians.

ericthethinkingman said...

Are you the same guy who used to post on the board?