Thursday, February 12, 2009

I Like The Admirals Promotion Better

This is rather embarrassing, in my opinion.

The Brewers and Amtrak are running a promotion giving a free Amrak ticket to Chicago for the first 100 fans who buy single game tickets to the September 17 Brewers-Cubs game at Wrigley and bring their game ticket.

Oh, and they get a "Miller Park South" T-Shirt.

Christ. Did Corey Hart put the marketing department up to this?

Rather than trying to manufacture some stupid promotion, I prefer when things happen organically.

Cubs fans come to Miller Park for several reasons, some of which include the following: (a) tickets are cheaper and more available; (b) they live in Kenosha, Burlington or Gurnee and pretend they're from Chicago; (c) it's not a pain in the ass to get there; (d) concrete is unlikely to fall on their heads; (e) it doesn't smell like Old Style and piss at Miller Park; (f) no sword fights in a trough like at Wrigley; (g) tailgating; and/or (h) to get the chance to throw down with some clown from West Allis.

So if the Brewers would just raise ticket prices, eliminate the parking lots, take a jackhammer to the upper deck, allow the circus to store the animals, who are fed a strict Old Style diet, at Miller Park for a week prior to a Cubs/Brewers series, rip out the urinals and replace them with a drain and ban anyone residing in Kenosha, Burlington, Gurnee or West Allis from coming to the game, then maybe Cubs fans would stop coming to Miller Park.

If the Cubs would build a nice new stadium with expansive parking lots in Northbrook or something that seats 40,000, Brewers fans might start rolling down the tollway in large numbers.

Giving 100 Brewers fans a freaking T Shirt and a train ticket is not going to make Wrigley Field "Miller Park South". In fact, I would kick my own ass if I were caught wearing a Miller Park South T Shirt. Which might take a while, on account of the fact that I'm not much of a fighter.

Oh yeah, pitchers and catchers report tomorrow. Finally.


brad said...

Wow. Your just asking for a bunch of fat guys drunk on Dog Pile mauling an even fatter guy from Cudahy because he has one of these lame T-shirts on.

Anonymous said...

They could give me tickets, transportation and spending money and I still wouldn't want to watch a game in that awful place. It's that bad.

And the zero baseball knowledge hayseed Cubs fans at the games make it so much worse. You can only laugh at them for so long before it gets old.

grammy said...

Yes, Wrigley is ancient, dirty and somewhat life-threatening. But despite these deficiencies, its still a great place to see a game. But I'm really put off from hearing the names Wrigley North and Miller Park South. Enough already. We've done this dance. And the people who embrace these names are the unintelligent, ignorant fools you have to listen to for nine innings at Miller or Wrigley. Stupid promotion.

D'Amico's one good year said...

Maybe the shirts are to make it even easier to differentiate the rude, drunk, asshat Cubs fans from the rude, drunk, asshat Brewer fans they're fighting with. I'm thinking positive today. Still... Fuck the promotions team on this one.

OldStyle26 said...

"If the Cubs would build a nice new stadium with expansive parking lots in Northbrook or something that seats 40,000, Brewers fans might start rolling down the tollway in large numbers."

That's why I love this blog... you Brewers fans are hilarious!!!

Oh and apparently the Anonymous poster is also opposed to watching good baseball, as the Cubs appear to be playing that particular brand lately...

Happy Pitchers and Catchers day Brewers fans! Enjoy 4th place this year!

D'Amico's one good year said...

Old Style HAS to be a troll. I mean, really....

Enjoy fourth place? While it's certainly possible that the Brewers could have a down year, I sincerely doubt they'll be in fourth place.

And seriously... your team has been better the last few years, but PLEASE don't try to hold them up as an example of "good baseball". Both teams are, historically, horrible. And i'm pretty sure the Brewers have won more playoff games in the last two years than the Cubs, which is sad considering that the Cubs can afford to field a more talented team.

And BTW... Until they release the old formula OS, or you drink LaCrosse Lager... you're just drinking industrial corn wash alcho-piss pop.

Good day to you, troll.

Matt said...

I'm glad you thought that was funny, Old Style. It gives my life meaning.

Thanks for reading.

D'Amico's one good year said...

No one ever thanks me for reading...

It's 'cause I'm an asshat, isn't it?



OldStyle26 said...

DOGY - Troll? I've been called many things, but never a troll. You might enlighten me to your meaning of troll...

And to answer your question, yes, you must be an asshat, or you might have noticed that I followed my "good baseball" comment with the word "lately", as in, the past few years. Don't mistake that for any delusional thinking regarding the Cubs historical suckitude. I'm well aware.

As for 4th place, it is definitely possible. Your rotation is 1/10 what it was last year and your bullpen somehow will be worse. You'll put up runs, but I think any two of the Astros/Cards/Reds trio could very well be ahead of the Brew Crew.

Good day to you asshat...

David said...

Just ignore OldStyle guys, he's mad that they didn't renew his subscription of "Fat Chicks". I'm a Cubs fan and I really do enjoy your guys' blog. Unlike some bandwagoning Cub fans, and as you guys know they come out in masses in late August, early September when the Cubs are playing good, you guys do truly know your baseball.

I respect the fact that you guys can probably name most of the 25 guys in the Cubs clubhouse, which is a lot more then some of the "Cub Fans" I know. I do really enjoy the rivally that has built up the last couple years between us. It's nice having a rival that A) Isn't going to shoot you (White Sox) and B) Isn't going to shoot you then have sex with a farm animal (Cardinals). They only thing a Brewers Fan will do is out drink you and eat way more encased meats then should be humanly possible.

Merry Pitchers and Catchers Report to came day!!!!! And have a Happy Spring Training!!!!

Matt said...

Thanks for reading, David.

And this time I mean it.

D'Amico's one good year said...


Admittedly, my reading comprehension has been SHIT today. Not sure why. Didn't notice your "lately" qualification. My mistake.

I'm surprised you don't know what a Troll is... Honestly.

You really think the REDS will be better than the Brewers? I thought you were a Cubs fan, man. You should know what Dusty does to teams! And what are the Astros going to do; you honestly think that they have ANY pitching other than Roy Oswalt? Yeah, the Brewers staff doesn't look as good as last year, true. But they should still be above .500, and I don't see that from any other team in the central other than the Cubs... Well... Maybe the (fucking) Cards.

brad said...

I'm not saying this IS gonna happen and don't want to sound like I agree with Dog Pyle...just pointing it out:

Dont forget the Cards AND Astros only finished 4 games back (actually Houston was 3.5). CC and Sheets were worth more than 4 games last year, right? Why would finishing 4th be totally out of line?

D'Amico's one good year said...

Didn't say it was out of line. Said it was very possible. Just was explaining why I felt like they wouldn't.

I figure Miggy Teroida may be less than his normal self for the Astros. And I really think that, at least in terms of their position players, they don't stack up against the Crew. And they really only have one pitcher.

The Cards will be good, so long as they have Poo-holes and that pitching coach.

Now I will repeat- I don't like the Brewers pitching situation. I'm not as in love with Gallardo as everyone else seems to be (not saying he's bad, just that he doesn't seem to me to have the stuff that a true #1 does, like a Sheets or a Sabathia... Though I very easily could be missing something). I like Parra, but not as a #2 like. Bush is a solid #3-4. And then we have a #8 in Suppan, and what I fear will be another #8 in Looper. The Cards make guys work, like Weaver and Suppan. But I really think that the offense will keep them in it. As long as Braunies back stays healthy.