Monday, February 2, 2009


So I was thinking of getting into the officiating business - hoops. You know, run up and down a little and make a couple measly bucks. Checked out some info on the WIAA website and came across this on the Officials Guide:

Complaints have been filed with the WIAA on officials who have used terms such as: "sweetie," "honey," "babe," "big boy," "stud," "bubba," "chief,"etc. Use of terms such as these are never appropriate.

Bwwwhahahaha! It's on the third line, so it must be a pretty big issue. Can't you just hear some ref at the free throw line saying "Alright, line 'em up. We've got two shots for the Big Boy. Stud gets two shots!" Or, "Sorry, babe, that's traveling...I'll call that every time, Sweetie."

If I encounter any drunken "Shooter's" from Hoosiers, you'll be the first to know.


woziszeus said...

Nice picture Brad. Looks just like you.

brad said...

It's my brother.

Anonymous said...

Please stop using bwahahahahah, unless it is actually funny, and even then don't use it. Thank you.

the other ben said...

Brad, maybe you should go to anonymous' blog to see how its done.

brad said...

Thanks, anonymous. Any more writing tips?