Monday, February 2, 2009

Billups of the Week

There are several reasons I got into this business people. Namely...I'm in it for the money, the fame, the women, the glory, and the downright SATISFACTION I get from being right all the time (except the times when I'm 100% wrong).

But sometimes people...sometimes...stuff comes along which make me LMAO in such a way that it cannot be properly described. This came in email form.

Remember my post about Trenni last week? Just Woz being Woz right? Just doing anything to write about Trenni right? Did you ever say to yourself when reading that..."oh noooooo...Woz shouldn't have done that!"

Well...The CH inbox received this lovely nugget of an email from the current Billups' of the Week over at NFL Juice.

Hey Chuck head-

Listen up, sport. It's a joke. But for the record, we do know Trenni- personally. Great girl, and yes, she did go to Cancun in 97' with UW-Oshkosh, where she went to college before transferring. We've got the pics to prove it. She's not a slut or a dirtbag, we just wanted to get her name out there.

Lies? Check your sources before you call out other blogs.

Max, Turd, Burgundy

Oh man...what's the term...I can't think of it...oh wait...I know...LOL! LOL!

Are these tools serious? They actually fired off an email from that post! And check out some of the language.

"Hey Chuck head..." Ummm...ok

"Listen up, sport." Sport? Did you just get done re-reading the Great Gatsby last night?

"It's a joke." Oh really? A joke? I never would have thought. Newsflash: So was my post you donkeys.

"We've got the pics to prove it." I'm sure you guys do. And I'm sure they are used frequently before bedtime.

"Lies? Check your sources before you call out other blogs." Oh man...check your sources? Like I have any sources? That was a "call out?" If we're talking about "checking sources" perhaps they should actually take a look at our blog and the number of Trenni posts we've (I've) had on here. She's a regular topic...and ummm...usually there is some satire involved.

So what's Trenni's take on all this? Unfortunately, she was unavailable for comment.

Congratulations to the NFL Juice for their first Billups of the Week win. Good times people...


Anonymous said...

Just give the order and we'll launch the full-on attack on their awful, sarcasm-impaired site.

Anonymous said...

I don't get it. Is this some sort of elaborate hoax?

Anonymous said...

Woz, he should thank you for directing traffic to his crappy site.

Clownshiplollypop said...

This NFL Juice site looks like a 2 year old designed it with crayons. How many fucking banner ads can you fit on one page?

I'm disappointed he didn't call you a chap and tell you to stay out of his beeswax. Perhaps next time he can let you in on the caper and you can give out a great bronx cheer!

PS. Trenni has nice Gams.

DOGY said...

Well, it's offical. Woz hates Juice.

Todd said...

Keep fightin' the good fight Woz. Systematically break them down from the inside out.

NFL Europe Juicer said...

Listen Bud, those photographs are for real. I new a guy that new a kid who went to Cancun with Trenni! I've seen the pictures!! I've got the restraining order to prove it! Check your sources "Chucker." Your bibliographical citations are awful!


~~NFL Europe Juicer

lofty said...

I was really expecting the comments on this post to be more exciting...I'm a little disappointed to say the least.