Friday, February 6, 2009

From The Inbox

We get truckloads of spam to the Hacks email address. All kinds of mess. Inbetween "LOTTERY WINNER," and "FROM THE KING OF ENGLAND," this one stood out:

Vessel For Sale
Dear Sir,
We are putting up the following for immediate transaction:

- 1 Unit of BRAND NEW 7,000dwt Oil Tanker (Built Nov, 2008 in China)
- 1 Unit of BRAND NEW 6740dwt Chemical Tanker (Built Nov, 2008 in China)
- 1 Unit of 1002dwt Chemical Tanker (Built 1988 in Japan)

Please contact us for more infomation.

Best Regards,

Judy Qian

Sure glad I got this because I've been in the market for an '88 Chemical Tanker for months!


D'Amico's one good year said...

Plz buy my boat?

Somali Pirate said...

I thought you would like it.

I had to hotwire it, so there is no key and the steering column is punched out, but otherwise she's in great shape!

PS. I have Ebola, so you might want to sanitize.

bison dele said...

Crap, you found me!

Matt said...

I'm sad, and proud, that someone already made the pirate joke.

Good work folks.

Somali Pirate said...

So... Paypal cool with you?

Just like Shamwow, I can't do this all day.

Anonymous said...

any more dyke comments goldy?

ned yost said...

hey...uh...somebody got a tanker for sale? you take bobbleheads? uhhh....where am I?