Wednesday, February 4, 2009

K bye Bucks!

Francisco it's your time to shine! turns out Andrew Bogut actually has a broken back? Good lord. I just hope this doesn't affect Bogut long you know...over the course of the next 6 years of his contract (or however long it is).

If you read the Weekly Bucks Reports, or watch bits and pieces of any of the games, you know the difference Bogut has on the Bucks. His contributions are both direct with the stats he gives, and indirect with his passing and defensive presence. Teams also have to plan their defense differently with him on the court. With him, the Bucks are a two-dimensional team on offense. Now, they'll become a jump-shooting team exclusively, and opposing teams will have less to plan for.

Anyway, it's too bad for the Bucks. I was coming around on them. They were making a nice playoff run this year before the injury bug hit them. They're chances of making the playoffs now have decreased They're done.

We'll see if Two Name wouldn't mind switching to a Weekly Marquette Report.


Matt said...

This makes me sad.

I bet John Hammonds wishes he had drafted the New Jersey Lopez last spring instead of Joe Alexander. That dude looks to be a keeper.

DOGY said...

I wish Redd never was a Buck. Then we could have used Super-Longley correctly. Now, he's busted.