Thursday, February 19, 2009

Does Prince Have That Prototypical Slugger Physique?

Our friends at Wrigleyville23 have rolled out their Jump to Conclusions Mat in one of the more ridiculous posts I've read on that generally fine blog.

The post talks about Ryan Braun's comments regarding Alex Rodriguez and thinly veiled insinuations that Braun's willingness to jump into the Rodriguez fray and his association with Rodriguez makes Braun a suspected steroid user too.

Brewers slugger (who doesn't necessarily have that prototypical slugger physique) readily jumped to the defense of Alex Rodriguez today. Interesting.

Ha. As opposed, to, say, Alfonso Soriano and his prototypical slugger physique?

Not that I for a second think that Braun is a user, but when thinking about this logically, if Braun had anything to be worried about with respect to PEDs, I'm pretty sure he'd prefer to give the old "no comment" to any questions on the subject (so as to avoid the Katie Couric moment that A Rod is currently dealing with) rather than answering the questions, which will inevitably lead to the question - have you done it, or were you ever tempted to do it?

And, naturally, the story went there. And as usual, I loved Braun's answer:

"It's never something that I sought," Braun said before showing a flash of his sense of humor and his well-documented self-confidence. "I would never do it because if I took steroids, I would hit 60 or 70 home runs."

Long live Ryan Braun.



ClownShipLollypop said...

I like how they assumed he was joking. He's obviously, totally serious.

Personally, I think he's being modest.

Cubs fans: You would know if Braun was roided when he came to town because all your fucking windshields would be busted around the toilet you call a stadium.

AP said...

I think Braun on steroids could literally tear Wrigley Field apart brick by brick with his bare hands in an afternoon.

D'Amico's one good year said...



I hate saying this... It wouldn't surprise me if Braunie had roided. Not that i think he did. It just wouldn't surprise me anymore if ANYONE was outed as a PED user. Hell, even Griffey.

Charlie Marlow said...

He's got Cytosport Muscle Milk why would he need roids?

Charlie Marlow said...


Anonymous said...

Your naivete is amusing. Ryan Braun isn't on roids so long as your mother doesn't ever go 66 on the highway or take 2 pennies from the penny jar.

Call me a cynic, but I'm 100% positive that 100% of professional athletes are juiced. Why? Just the nature of man.

Don't let your love for a player blind you to the ugly side of the business. Ryan Braun is roided up. So is David Eckstein. So is Fred Couples. So is Jeff Gordon. So is Barry Bonds.

You're giving people way too much credit here. Man is a cheater. I love my Dad, but do I think he would roid up if he were a professional baseball player? Yes, I do. He's fallible just like any human being.

But hey, I don't care. All I want is World Series rings in Milwaukee. Sign the Victor Conte All-Stars if it brings us a title.

two name said...

Braun responding with, "no comment" actually would make the situation worse. He has to answer the question. No two words spark more suspicion that "no comment." He may have talked a little too much, but the typical cliche would have done just fine in response to that question.

Matt said...

I should have been more clear, Two Name.

I was talking about Braun not commenting on A Rod's situation entirely, which, if he did so, would have eliminated this particular story.

Sammy Sosa said...

ey - no hway que Ryn Brown es na-tu-ral. I sink que Brown es no goot far da game. No me gusta da cheeders en beisbol!!

I no get ingles...

wv23 said...

i, for one, don't care if ryan braun is using... your beef is with dusty on this one.

Charlie Marlow said...

I'm going to assume the illustrious "Anonymous" wrote that entire post in sarcastic fashion.

If not, you're a fucking idiot, you asshat donkey.

wv23 said...

so you're sure ryan braun isn't using?


Charlie Marlow said...

Who are you talking to? I'm guessing its not me, since I'm responding to:

"I'm 100% positive that 100% of professional athletes are juiced"

Wrigleyville said...

ah, i read that wrong.

i don't think 100% of players are using, but there is no name that you could throw out there that would surprise me all that much.

braun, soriano, counsell, anybody.

Wrigleyville said...

now, matt, as to the question in your headline: "does prince have that prototypical slugger physique?"

if you consider babe ruth to be the prototypical slugger, than ... yes, yes he does.

Charlie Marlow said...

"but there is no name that you could throw out there that would surprise me all that much."

I'm there with you.

Utter indifference, and apathy describe my feelings towards this. Gee...great timing all of the last 3 years. RIGHT before ST, some guy comes forward and says "X PLAYER USED STEROIDS!!!"

Holy shit. Who cares anymore? Either suspend the players, or fire Selig for doing a shitty job testing. Fuck, its his fault more than anyone else's. Say what you will, but that guy KNEW EVERYONE was using back in the day, but he LOVED the McGwire/Sosa 'race', and knew it was good for baseball. Get a grip, fire Selig, get some standards, and FORGET IT.