Thursday, February 19, 2009

40 Yard Fun

You've heard the stories of guys running ridiculous 40 times leading up to the draft.

Randy Moss - 4.29
Joey Galloway - 4.27
Primetime with a 4.17 (4.5 backwards!)
Wikipedia has Darrell Green running a 4.09!

All total bullshit.

Remember Ben Johnson smashing the 100 meter dash in the '88 Olympics? You know, the guy who was so roided up his eyes were yellow - leaving Carl Lewis and the rest of the field in his dust? Well, even he "only" ran a 4.38 (Article):

Timing officials have since broken down that famed race into 10-meter increments, and Johnson was so preposterously fast that he went through 50 meters in 5.52 seconds and 60 meters in 6.37 – both under the current world records at those distances. He went through 40 yards that day in 4.38 seconds

Four-point-three-eight seconds.

Then again, maybe Ben Johnson isn't the fastest 40-yard man in the world.

Maybe half the NFL is faster.

Ben Johnson ran a 4.38, yet some WR from Texas-El Paso runs a 4.31? Riiiiiight.
Oh, and we're just days away from getting those Wonderlic results. Predictions? I bet Travis Beckum scores in the low teens and Matthew Stafford ends up waaaaay below the QB average. Just a hunch.


Matt said...

I don't think that's an apples-to-apples comparison.

But then again, I'm not a sprinter. More of a distance guy.

Lance's Other Nut said...

Are they "flying 40s," i.e. already in a dead sprint when the watch starts?

jnizzle said...

1988 was 21 years ago...and who is to say the guys mentioned aren't on some sort of designer roid not testable? Randy Moss's physical attributes are comparable to Ussein Bolt's (the guy that won all the sprinting events in the Olympics), Joey Galloway has documented world class sprinter speed, was invited to train with U.S. for the 1996 Olympics in Atlanta, has maintained his speed throughout his career, Deion is Deion, and Darrel Green played in the NFL for 20+ years. Interesting stuff, but the evolution of man, coupled with the new training facilities specifically designed for faster 40's and more reps in the bench press, leads me to believe these numbers are accurate

Fast Runner said...

BJs 100 time was 9.79, which would still rank 4th all time in the 100m. If Moss, Green, Deon and these guys ran faster than Johnon, they would own the top 10 all time 100m dashes except for maybe Bolt's.

I highly doubt it.

Todd said...

Let's see any of those chumps go toe to toe with me in an 800 when I was in my prime. Deion couldn't go sub 2!

Didn't the Bears bring in that US Sprinter from Florida, John Caple for a cup of coffee?

jnizzle said...

Is the combine hand timed, or laser timed?

DannyNoonan said...

I see no reason NFL players shouldn't be faster than world class sprinters in the 40. Generally speaking, they're probably better athletes because the NFL pays a lot better than track and field. Tons of NFL players were track stars. Milwaukee's own Michael Bennett comes to mind. He ran a 10.18 in the 100 and a 20.66 in the 200. That's pretty close to Johnson's times. Your wikipedia pages says in '84, Johnson broke the Canadian record of 10.17 with a time of 10.14. He started breaking 10 around 1985, but Bennett was still in spitting distance of Johnson's times, and track was his second sport! He was obviously focusing on football, since it pays better.