Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Trenni a little down and dirty?

Looks like some bloggers out there think Trenni is a little wild.

Here's the question that was posed on the site:
BC editors were so excited about one office chat they decided to pose this question to fellow sports bloggers to get a pulse on the subject of “The Sports Broadcaster/Personality Most Likely To Have A Sex Tape Is…”

The fellas over at NFL Juice think Trenni would be 2nd on such a list. Here's their reasoning:
Close Runner-Up: Trenni Kusnierek of Fox Sports Net. Reason: Spring Break, 1997, Cancun, after-bar party on the beach, loud music, Cuervo 1800 shots, battery-operated toys…..and the rest is classified.

Lies! Lies I tell you! No way Trenni pulls these sorts of stunts. It's a shame the length that some internet personalities go these days just to hype up their own sites. Nothing but another vicious Trenni rumor from someone who doesn't have any idea how classy of a babe she really is.

Chuckie Hacks would never treat you like that Trenni. You're #1 here. Don't you ever forget it.

Thanks to LIFO for the tip.


Goldy said...

I always thought Marquette chicks were a bunch of prudes.

Anonymous said...

Trenni's Brother goes to UW-O and I've partied with the kid...lets just say if she drinks half or 1/4 as much as he does and acts 1/4 as crazy as he does...she might have a series of these tapes!

Ron Burgundy said...

how dare you anonymous. Trenni is a saint!