Saturday, January 24, 2009

He's Going To Break Out This Year! Promise!


Although it comes as part of a fantasy baseball preview, we're going to count this as the first Rickie-Weeks-to-break-out-this-year article of this year.

Stop me if you've heard this before:

You can player-hate on Weeks because of his strikeout rate, suspect defense and .245 career average, but you should not completely forget how big of a talent he is. The two-time NCAA Division I batting title winner can hit for a better average, and his Triple-A manager once went on record as saying Weeks has better power than eventual 50-homer man Prince Fielder. Oh, Weeks can also run.

Or this:

Weeks has had wrist issues that hindered him the past few years, but he turned the corner after the All-Star break last year. After a hitting .217 in the first half, Weeks posted a more respectable .263 average, .378 OBP and .451 SLUG after the break. Those are reachable levels that can make Weeks a top five Fantasy second baseman because of his rare speed-and-power mix.

Apparently, 27 is a big year for baseballers (for fantasy baseball purposes). Presumably, good fantasy baseball stats equate to good actual baseball stats.

With Weeks, I'll believe it when I see it. And this is coming from someone who absolutely HAD to have Rickie on his fantasy team, so much so that he traded Jose Reyes for Weeks in a keeper league about 4 years ago. Yeah, that has worked out well. WV is very proud of that trade.


Charlie Marlow said...

Upside is good for at least 100 fantasy points, right?

wrigleyville said...

that is my favorite trade in the history of our trades, matt.

i saw that story on the league homepage the other day - i resisted the urge to send it to you.

Nubs said...

not that I like reading Mike Hunt but I am at the in laws in Wausau so I had the time. Best Line:

"Miller Time and Trevor Time," he said, "sound pretty good together."