Friday, January 23, 2009

This Post Is Brought To You By The Number 51

Brad recently asked the question - "why not Brian Shouse?"

I can answer that question in two words. Trevor Hoffmann.

No, not because of Hoffmann's salary. And not because he took the final spot in the bullpen.

It's because of the #51, Hoffmann's uniform number forever, which, not coincidentally, was the number that Shouse wore so proudly for the Brewers from 2006-08. Do you think Shouse, who is currently the best Brewers player who ever donned #51, would come back now and be forced to wear some other number?

Don't believe me that Shouse was the best 51 the Brewers had to offer? Check this list out:

Brian Shouse (2006-08)
Kane Davis (2005)
Luis Vizcaino (2002-04)
Jimmy Haynes (2000-01)
Carl Dale (1999)
Eddy Diaz (1997)
Ramon Garcia (1996)
Sid Roberson (1995)
Josias Manzanillo (1993)

Wow. Josias Manzanillo, huh?

Surprisingly, there were no #51s on the Brewers in 1998, 1994, or from 1982-1992. Obviously, I didn't go back before 1982, since Brewers history began that year.

So K Bye Shouse.


Anonymous said...

Jimmy Haynes got to be a Brewer for two seasons.

And I won't be a Brewer for one season.

woziszeus said...

Dear Matt,

I enjoyed this.


Matt said...

We really don't spend enough time talking about Josias Manzanillo.

Goldy said...

Or Julio Machado for that matter.