Sunday, January 25, 2009

More Commenting Fun!

More absurdity from "Brewer Nation" on the JS Blogs. I never read this nonsense, but was looking to hear from people at the Brewers On Deck thing. It quickly turned into a discussion on starting pitching when this gem from "andrew" caught my eye:

"...regardless, sign Pedro Martinez, Mulder, or Benson to a minor league contract and hopefully we can get a comeback player to help down the stretch if needed... high reward low risk."

Riiiiiiight, genius! Like Pedro's gonna sign a minor league deal and ride a Greyhound bus from Nashville to Toledo all summer. There's better odds of the Brewers signing ME to a minor league deal than Pedro.


Anonymous said...

maybe he meant benson to a minor league deal and the other 2 to regular contracts.

garcia said...

maybe you are the guy that wrote that comment... hey, "Anonymous" ????

Sticking up for commentators from the JSOnline blog is not what happens here... as far as I know...

woziszeus said...

Yeah...Pedro isn't signing a minor league deal...and he definitely isn't signing a minor league deal with the Milwaukee Brewers.

Nice thought thought regarding Benson or Moulder. Definitely wouldn't mind a flier contract with incentives for one of those guys.

Doug will bring another veteran into camp. He has to.

thecobra said...

I think we should sign Manny to a Minor league contract!!!

ClownShipLollypop said...

What a fucktard.

These people don't realize that it's not just what the Brewers are willing to do, but what the players want.

I totally agree with signing Manny to a minor league deal! Go-Go gadget Melvin.