Wednesday, December 31, 2008

A Power Play In The NBA?

Yes, two NBA posts in a row! A new Chuckie Hacks record.

Portland Coach Nate McMillian is crafty. He tried to combine the NBA and NHL by pulling his goalie and go 6 on 5. You know what? IT WORKED!!! The Blazers accidentally had 6 guys on the court, scored a bucket...and after conversing...the refs let it stand! Portland did get a technical foul, but I still can't believe they didn't wipe off the basket. Neither does this guy, who does a solid job crushing the officiating crew.

What is this, f_cking hockey? How about letting guys run in off the bench during live fast-breaks without checking in? Fighting? Letting two guys square-off would bring much needed viewers to the NBA. Especially if it was Charles Oakley beating Kobe into a bloody pulp. Hell, I might pony up for pay per view for that.

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