Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Gambling Is Not a Very Sensitive Topic In the NBA, Right?

Pre-H Akeem Olajuwon experiencing Stern's death grip. Andy Bogut will be in the vice today at some point.
Did anybody see Bogut's post-game comments with Craig Coshun on FSN after the Spurs game?

He said something like the following (heavily paraphrasing):

"It's not a game we were expected to win. I would have liked to see what the points were on this game and put some money on it."

[awkward, uncomfortable laugh from Coshun]

[awkward, uncomfortable look from Bogut at the camera, which screamed "oh shit, Stern is going to be calling me about that one, eh mate?"]

Just good times.


Goldy said...

Yah, when watching that, I thought, hmm, that is a strange comment to make. I think he was just trying to get the point across tha no one expected the Bucks to win, but yah, I think he will be hearign from the league office.

Charlie Marlow said...

haha priceless! I wish I watched the NBA, I'm sure I'd have gotten a good laugh.

Oh how I miss Craig Coshun and his plasticy, tan, hair plugged face. Does he look like a skeleton next to Bogut?

two name said...

I don't think David Stern, similar to ESPN and any other national outlet covering the NBA, even realizes there's a team in Milwaukee.

Bill said...

I do know that Bogut spends a lot of time at Potowatomi playing poker. Maybe he is a gambeling junkie...

Kinda sounds like it.

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