Friday, January 2, 2009

Good Work, Little-11

Another craptacular effort by the Big-11's "elite" team on the big stage. USC toyed with it's over matched opponent in the Rose Bowl. 31-7 at halftime? You're telling me that's the best team the Little-11 could bring to the table?

It wasn't much better for the others. All told, L-11 teams were outscored 186-104 (average 31-17). Thank goodness for Iowa or it would've been 176-73. Don't worry, I'm sure Ohio State will give Texas all it can handle.

Quick aside: And imagine - if that Iowa kicker misses the game winning FG vs Penn St a few weeks go...JoePa's boys would be in the National Championship Game!! Great system, College Football. No, really, it's awesome.


Matt said...

This gives us a perfect example of an unsound application of the transitive property.

Penn St. beat Oregon St. 45-14. Oregon St. beat USC 27-21. Using the transitive property, Penn St. should beat USC by around 37 points, right?

Um, no.

Bill said...

Kinda funny watching the game. Everyone involved in the broadcast was very subtibly mocking the current system. This should be the final nail in the coffin of the BcS but it wont be.

And I will continue to watch less and less college football just like I did this year

Anonymous said...

Has there been more than 2 or 3 even semi-competitive bowl games this year. Every time I turn one on it seems like one team is up at least 2 TDs.

Anonymous said...

Ahh, but PSU in the title game didn't happen. Like I said it wouldn't. However, hypothetically, I don't know what the difference between PSU being in the title game and say, George Mason making the NCAA championship game would be. If everybody is so certain about bowl game outcomes, I guess we don't need a playoff!!!!!!!!!! We can just rightfully ban the Big 10 (and ACC) from all bowl games and pick the two conference champs from the Big 12 & SEC (unless USC somehow manages to go undefeated in conference for once) to play in the title game.

brad said...

So, how is PSU and George Mason similar? Because they both suck? If that's the case, there's a huge difference. George Mason would have belonged in the title game buy winning games in something called, you know, a playoff...beating Michigan State, North Carolina, UConn, and Florida to get to the title game. Penn State!

But the college football regular season is a playoff, right? Well, what happened when Texas beat Oklahoma in their "playoff" game?

Anonymous said...

you mean like how Atlanta and Arizona belong in the playoffs but New England doesn't?