Wednesday, December 3, 2008


Notre Dame is going to retain Charlie Weis for next year, which will be his 5th with the school.

And why not? Some career highlights:
  • Was the first Notre Dame coach to lose to an 8-loss team (Syracuse in 2008).
  • Lost 15 games the past 2 years, the most losses over two consecutive years in school history.
  • 1-16 in the last 17 games against teams that ended the season with a winning record.
  • 1 victory in 4 years over a team that ended the season in the top 25 (Penn St. in 2006 finished ranked #24).
  • Notre Dame didn't get a first down against USC this year until the last play of the 3rd quarter.
  • Lost to Navy last year, which broke a 43-game winning streak against Navy.

Good times.


brad said...

At least Jimmy Clausen is staying positive. After the USC game he said "Guys, we're not that far away."

OK, Jimmy, if you say so.

kantwistaye said...

Well, Jimmy was kind of right. They weren't far from a good team. They problem is that team was on the other sideline.

Bill said...

Cmon... he was Bradys o corridantor with New England.

That is enough right?

Barrett is sad.