Tuesday, December 2, 2008

More JS Commenting Fun!

For some idiotic reason, I thought it was a good idea to read a few comments from this JS Blog post. Yeah, not so much. The post listed the Top 25 best selling NFL jerseys under "The Business of Sports" heading. Mainly, I wanted to see if anybody else thought Chris Cooley was an odd name on the list. Harmless enough, right? It started out fine and got a good chuckle from this one:

"How many did TT have to buy just to get Rodgers on the list?"

Ha, that's pretty good. It got worse....as, of course, a list of jerseys turned into a Favre-Rodgers argument. Eventually, I came to this guy with the clever screen name "pk1fn":

"I don't think 25 is anything to be proud of. The Packer's pro shop revenue is way down since Favre was forced out. I'm sick of this paper and the media touting Rodgers. He had an interception, fumble and couldn't get the team in from the 1 yard line on Sunday and everyone is blaming special teams and the defense. Favre would have been crucified for the interception."

Whoa....let's break this down, super-slow-mo instant replay-style

"I don't think 25 is anything to be proud of." This article wasn't intended to praise Rodgers for cracking the top 25, rather just give the list.

"The Packer's pro shop revenue is way down since Favre was forced out." I have no idea if this is true or not. Searching the interweb says the team stopped reporting Pro Shop income last year. If this guy has inside knowledge (highly doubtful) and this is true, fine. Teams sell more stuff when they are winning. See: the abundance of fresh Brewers hats, shirts, and flags all across Wisconsin this summer. You couldn't go to the grocery store without seeing at least 3 brand-spanking new Brewer lids.

"I'm sick of this paper and the media touting Rodgers." Um, I know you don't want to believe this, but Rodgers is actually pretty good. And I could post dozens and dozens of article ripping Rodgers - it's not all positive.

"He had an interception..." Yes, he did have an interception.

"...a fumble..." Well, if a shotgun snap sailing 6 feet over his head from a concussed center is considered "a fumble," I guess he had one of those too. Ralph Sampson would have struggled to haul that one in.

"...and couldn't get the team in from the 1 yard line on Sunday..." Wow. Maybe if Rodgers handed the ball off better, we would have scored.

"...and everyone is blaming special teams and the defense." At this point, it's clear our friend was watching a different game. San Fran-Buffalo, perhaps?

"Favre would have been crucified for the interception." Chuck got plenty of heat from the media I read/heard. And when did Favre ever get "crucified" for anything? The guy was the best QB in the history of football in the eyes of %99.9 of Packer fans (poll taken last year).

Alas, somebody did mention Cooley: "Anyone else surprised to see Chris Cooley on this list?" I guess these comments were worth reading after all...


Tim said...

Cooley seems like the cool guy that everyone would just like to hang out with. I would assume that the Redskins would have a pretty big fan base and his would be the most popular Redskins jersey because of his coolness.

I was surprised to see Eli ahead of Peyton. When would it ever be cool to wear an Eli jersey.

And, for God's sake, why in the fuck to people still by Brian Urlacher jerseys? I have the unfortunate pleasure of living here in bear's country, and everyone I talk to hates that dickhead.

greatone said...

Favre is #1 for 2 reasons:

1. He plays in the largest media market in the world, and he has no one else on his team worth getting a jersey.
2. He has 40% of Packer nation still backing him even though he quit, and was not forced out. So they are still buying his jerseys.

At the game Sunday I saw the best sign ever: Real Packer fans don't wear Jets jerseys. If you wear a Jets jersey to a Packer game you aren't a true Packer fan. They did what was best for the TEAM, they didn't let that billups(Favre)run the team any more. When they cut most of the front 7 this offseason we will be in good shape again next year.

rex jaybels said...

I like this one,

"Overhype Rodgers again. We will be the Lions of the next 5 years, or TT and MM leave the station.
Go Jets"

The Lions of the next five years, huh.

Todd said...

YES! THANK YOU! I'm not the only one who likes lighting up those turds on the JS Blogs from time to time.

And tell Pkfn1 that if he actually knew anything about football (aka, perhaps look at the stats, read the paper,etc.) that the fumble was officially credited to Scott Wells.

Charlie Marlow said...

I've always felt like the tallest midget when I 'win' an argument on the JSonline blogs. So its pretty sweet.

Anonymous said...

The whole Packers conspiracy theory thing is just bizarre. Brett Favre retired then unretired. The team elected to trade him rather than try to re-integrate him into the gameplan at this late stage of his career. It's a business decision, not the fucking X-files. But sad little internet trolls have created an entire mythology surrounding the trade that involves evil, meglomaniacal dictators in the Packers' front office and a biased and corrupt media bought and paid for by Ted Thompson. It's really sad. I blame talk radio and the whole "The Liberal Media" line of BS that made secret conspiracy the most likely explanation for any situation that stupid people can't or won't understand.

Lance's Other Nut said...

I read the Packers blogs just to get the laugh out of the comments.

I swear the majority of them are fall down drunk when they are writing.

I also had a blast at a couple games this year giving it to ANYONE wearing a Jets #4 to to Lambeau...I even made a honeymooner cry, it was awesome.

Lance's Other Nut said...


Go to Deadspin.com and search for Chris Cooley and read some of the postings on him...he is definitely someone I'd like to hang out with

jason said...

The jsonline blogs comment section contains some of the dumbest shit I have to occasionally come across on the internet. It's YouTube comment levels of stupidity, just about sports. I really wish jsonline would implement the "read this post aloud" feature YouTube did so that people would realize how dumb they sound.

Matt said...

I'm pretty sure most of the commenters can't do two things at the same time (like read and talk).