Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Complete Loser

Capital Times article about drunk drivers in Dane County. Some douche has 10 - count 'em - 10 DWI's and admits he'll continue to drink and drive. Plenty of, ahem, sobering quotes from this loser, but this is the money line:

"I'm 50. I've been drinking and driving since I was old enough to drive," he said. "That's only one every three or four years."



Lance's Other Nut said...

Wisconsin should bring back the death penalty for this douchecanoe.

woziszeus said...

Him and Lary Sorenson are probably buddies.

Billups of the Week Brad?

Feel free to add the tag.

Goldy said...

I like douchecanoe. I am going have to use that and replace assmonkey as my random phrase of choice in regards to those exhibiting billups-like tendancies.