Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Journal Sentinel gets it wrong again

New Years Eve...time for a bunch of memories right? Sports stories for the year. Remembering the good times.

The number 1 sports story in WI for the 2008 year was the Milwaukee Brewers. It's as simple as that. 3 million fans showed up at Miller Park. The team signed it's franchise player to a team record contract. They team traded for the reigning best pitcher in the American League...and he proceeded to dominate everybody in sight. The team made the playoffs for the first time in 26 years. Do you remember where you were on Sunday September 28th? I do. I was in LAX for Oktoberfest and we drove home Saturday night at 230am...I got back to my house on the Eastside at 6am and slept until noon. I woke up and watched the Brewers play. When Braun hit the home run in the bottom of the 8th I jumped up, screamed at the top of my lungs and ran out of my house jumping around. I then let out such a yelp on Locust Street that some guy a few houses down came out wondering what was wrong. To me...following that team for 6 months...going to 20+ games, writing a freaking blog about them, watching basically every INNING the last month, and have them make the playoffs was one of the best feelings I've ever had. I know there are thousands of others in the state who felt/still feel the exact same way.

Well our pals over at the Journal didn't feel the same way. In some sort of vote, they decided that the best SPORTS Story of 2008 was the Brett Favre DRAMA. Downright traveshamockery if you ask me. The drama of Favre. The entire saga. The trade to the Jets. Seriously, 10-20 years from now...ask yourself...if you are sitting around having beers with some buddies and you randomly start talking about 2008...what are you going to remember? Are you going to say: "Oh yeah...2008...that's the year that some schmuck compared Favre's plane ride back to WI to Julius Caesar crossing the Rubicon (which is one of the most ridiculous and asinine comparisons I've ever heard...but I digress) man...Favre...what a story."

I hope not. I hope the immediate response out of your mouth will be: "2008? The Brewers! Miller Park was rocking! Every night no matter where you were in the state the game was on TV and people were following every pitch! What a great time!"

To reiterate: the Favre retirement? BIG story. Possibly the biggest story of the year (had it been left like that). The Favre saga...the BS drama...all that stuff that happened when he came back killed whatever sentimental story line there was. It became a blaming game, people pointing figures, people biting their lips as the most storied Packer of all time trashed the entire Packer franchise and city of Green Bay.

Great work Journal. Way to give credit for a story in remembrance of a man where no credit is due.

Happy News Year Eve from Chuckie Hacks. Have a cocktail tonight and raise a glass to the success of the 2008 Milwaukee Brewers, the success (hopefully) of the 2009 Milwaukee Brewers, and the 2009 Green Bay Packers' schedule.

And what the hell. Take a shot for the 2009 Milwaukee Bucks and their potential 6 seed in the East.


Charlie Marlow said...

Yep. Brett Favre.

Todd said...

Jesus, remember how FOX 6 had some live doppler radar tracker on Favre's plane and the Worldwide Leader had on the scroll bar: Favre jet in Wisconsin air space. Then a FOX chopper is following his SUV all the way to his GB house. What a joke...

Happy New Years Chuckie Hacks boys

Matt said...

Wasn't this voted on by the readers?

If so, it's yet another indication that we're surrounded by idiots.

[I could have gone with a Spaceballs quote there but I took it in another direction]

ClownShipLollypop said...

Wow, what a bunch of fucking idiots. I'm a little sick of the Packers overshadowing the Brewers. Preemting late season Brewers games with playoff implications for Packers pre-season. What a joke.

Woz, I concur with everything you said. I must add that I cried when Braun crushed that home run.

I can't find that video anywhere online. I can only find the grand slam. It was deleted from my DVR. :(

Chorenzo Chorizno said...

I heard Clown is flying to New York this weekend to pitch his talk to the MLB Network called "I Still Love You, Ryan Braun".

Charlie Marlow said...

I believe it says on the jsonline site that it was voted on by the staff at the Journal Sentinel.

Further lending credibility to that venerable news source.

Tim said...

Happy New Year to all of you crazy bastards. This place only gets better.

Anonymous said...

I think that you have mistakenly written Brett Favre instead of Jet Favre.

Matt said...

Ha! Good one Anonymous.

We've also been mistakenly writing Ted Thompson, when we meant to say Witless Dumbass Cockgobbler Thompson.

Anonymous said...


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