Thursday, November 6, 2008

Ooooo, That Smell...Can't You Smell That Smell....

Now THIS is the sort of NBA talk I can follow. An interview with some NBA writer I've never heard of on TheBigLead:

Q: Because it is our favorite question: Confrontations. Had any good ones with players or coaches? What’s the best one you’ve witnessed? Charles Oakley and Tyrone Hill seems to be the gold standard, but we hope you can top it.

Some time ago – this is going back 20 years – the Nets were very late in returning to the floor after the halftime break. The reason was that chaos had erupted in the locker room – not fists or tirades, but a very heated argument over who had to guard a certain Eastern European forward from the Atlanta Hawks whose body odor was such that nobody wanted to be stationed in the same zip code, much less touch the poor guy. It was my understanding that one player eventually paid an intrepid teammate a large sum to perform this task without the coach’s knowledge or consent. I still don’t know whether the story is 100 percent accurate, and I don’t condone sharing half-truths. I just repeat them in the public interest.

The wonders of the porn download interface Internet shows the only Euro on the Hawks approximately 20 years ago was Alexander Volkov (1989-90). Unless Roy Marble was originally Royov Marblesovich, but I doubt it. Congrats, smelled so bad guys were fighting NOT to guard you! Impressive indeed.


woziszeus said...

Oh that's rich!

How much do you think the payoff was? $500? $2K? $4.5K?

highplaya said...

Hookers are the preffered tender.