Thursday, November 6, 2008

NFL Realignment Talks...

I always like a good realignment discussion. This ProFootballTalk article examines the need to blow up the current NFL structure. Let's face it, 8 divisions of 4 teams creates all sorts of grease fires. It's only a matter of time before we have a 7-9 division "champ," while a 9-7, or 10-6 team stays home. Hey, you think the NFC North is weak..check out the two Wests:

AFC West
Denver: 4-4
San Diego: 3-5
Oakland: 2-6
Kansas City: 1-7

NFC West
Arizona: 5-3
Seattle: 2-6
San Fran: 2-6
St Louis: 2-6

Holy Turd Sandwiches! Also with the 8 division format comes the jacked up scheduling where one division plays every team in two other divisions on a rotating basis. This can be a really good or really bad. Paraphrasing the article:

This year, for example, the teams of the AFC East get the aformentioned shit-tastic AFC West and NFC West.

Meanwhile, the teams of the AFC North play this year the teams of the NFC East and the teams of the AFC South. In the NFC East, every team is above .500. In the AFC South, three of four teams made the playoffs last season — and one of them is 8-0.

If it's four 8-team divisions, or 6 divisions (4 with 5 teams, 2 with 6)...don't look for the current structure to be around much longer.


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