Friday, November 7, 2008


Remember the story about the classless drunken Cubs fans who knocked out the guy from Stallis after the Stallis guy threw a beer can at their bus in the Miller Park parking lot after a game this summer?

Looks like the two guys will be spending a little time at the ol' "House of Corrections" in Franklin for the next couple months.

The man who they beat down didn't sound like he had a pleasant rest of the summer because...well...he had to have his mouth wired shut for 5 weeks:

"It was torture," he told the court. "No barbecues or nothing."

Well anyway, justice is served. The two clowns will end up paying the full cost of the man's medical bills, and serve various times at the Franklin House of Corrections (albeit it will be on work release).

The best quote of the story though comes from the lawyer of one of the criminals:

"Perhaps it was seen as an attack on the Chicago Cubs," he replied, "which, in their intoxicated state, they felt they had to defend."

Nice rationalization sir. Not a physical attack on a person, not an attack of a player on their team...but an attack on the concept of the team, of what the team represents. They felt they had to defend "their team" by clocking some poor schmuck from the Stallis in his jaw.



graf said...

not really related to this, but can i ask why its bottom line espn news that the cubs are interested in peavy? who isn't interested? who the fuck do the cubs have to give up to get peavy? if the brewers wanted in on that, they'd have to give up parra or gallardo plus some. you're telling me the cubs have anyone close to them two? i hate the fucking cubs and will have trouble getting excited for next year if ends up there.

Wrigleyville said...

speaking of "class" ... this is what oak creek anonymous stopped by to post at wv23 (twice, as he's too stupid to post):

"Anonymous said...
great to see the dumb hayseed cubs fans get what they had coming to them.

how many playoff wins the last 5 years?

thought so, now STFU.

bunch of rubes on this site."

stay classy, oak creek.

Wrigleyville said...

graf -

the cubs have all matter of players who could be sent to the padres for peavy, just as every other major league organization (practically). harden's name has been mentioned in a three-way deal. samardzija's name is being thrown around (he's certainly MLB ready, since he's been in the MLB). Ceda. Colvin. It's just how many of those they are willing to give up.

samardzija in petco would be ridiculous, for example.

Wrigleyville said...

and why in the world would the brewers want to give up gallardo for peavy, taking the long view of things?

Charlie Marlow said...

We wouldn't, and not to mention Peavy wouldn't be interested.

And, I'll grant you this anonymous poster on your blog is an idiot. But he's a significantly smaller idiot than the two in the blog entry.

Wrigleyville said...

"And, I'll grant you this anonymous poster on your blog is an idiot. But he's a significantly smaller idiot than the two in the blog entry."

Are you sure? We really haven't seen the totality of anonymous' idiocy - beyond his Tourette-esque ventings any time the Brewers are mentioned on our site.

Charlie Marlow said...

Well of course I can't be positive, but I don't think they allow criminals in jail to use computers.

graf said...

obviously the brewers wouldn't give up gallardo, i'm saying thats what it would take. i just don't see how the cubs have anything worth peavy. i know this isn't true, but after cubs gave little in the harden trade and IF this actually happens, to me seems like gm's feel sorry for the cubs and are trying to help them out or something.

Wrigleyville said...

yeah, that's probably it.

Charlie Marlow said...

I think it is. The other GMs probably feel sorry for Hendry since Bud Selig won't allow Mark Cuban to buy the team, and Tribune Media is so tight with its cash.

Charlie Marlow said...

Oh and for the record, when I saw the title of this entry quickly on my Google Reader, I thought it was going to have something to do with David Justice. I wonder what he's up to these days?

Well, I guess you're doing well if Halle Barry gets a tattoo of you on her lower back!