Wednesday, July 30, 2008

You stay classy Cubs' fans

While it's not unusual to hear about a post-game fight or some drunken shenanigans during a series of this nature, I think this story is a little over the top...

According to police, the West Allis man threw a beer can at a bus full of Cubs' fans, three of whom left the bus about 10:39 p.m. while it was stuck in traffic near the stadium.

The man told police the three men beat him up, knocking a tooth out, cutting his lower lip and leaving him with pain in his jaw. The West Allis man was ticketed for disorderly conduct and taken to a local hospital for treatment.

The suspects could face felony charges in the case, according to police. Milwaukee police said the 34-year-old also punched his sister in the mouth while she attempted to break up the fight.

I hope these clowns end up at the Federal pound me in the ass prison. Awwwwwwwww....somebody threw a beer can at the bus!!! OMG!!! Let's all get off the bus and kick his ass! Let's get him! We're finished but let's not stop! Where's my sister? I want to knock her out too!

Ahhh...Illinois...where arrogant & asinine idiosyncrasies are instilled at a young age...


StormShadow said...

I was at the game last night... I hate Cubs fans and generally the state of Illionnoying, but I must say that the Brewers fans were much more out of hand. I think if I was hammered and someone threw a beer at a bus I was on I would probably want to beat them down too. The guy was probably from Cudahy, so I'm sure he was missing teeth already.

StormShadow said...

Actually, I just saw he was from West Allis... Same same.

Wrigleyville said...

so, you're complaining on behalf of a guy from west allis who threw a beer and then got his ass kicked for it? really?

cubs, brewers, yankees, republicans, democrats, socialists or lutherans - no matter who is involved, i'm pretty sure this falls under the "guy had it coming" department. though not so sure about the woman.

ALF said...

Had it coming? I am not a lawyer, but I don't see how throwing a beer at a bus would justify being beat down to the point of needing to be hospitalized.

A stupid act by a drunk, yes. Worthy of pummeled? Probably not.

But I wouldn't worry if I were one of these three guys. Knowing the Milwaukee judicial system, the guys will get about a $250 fine and 10 hours of community service.

mister cheezle said...

did he deserve being beaten to the point where he had to be hospitalized- no.

did he deserve getting punched in the face once or twice- probably.

Wrigleyville said...

yes, had it coming. you do stupid things in this world, you pay consequences.

now, should he have been pummeled? no. was it a proportionate response? no. would i have responded the same way? no. do we all wish we lievd in a more civilized society? sure.

but there were thousands of other fans (at least half of whom were cubs fans) at the game who did not get beaten up because they did nothing to precipitate it. and i'm guessing the genius from west allis will think again before doing it next time.