Monday, November 17, 2008


A delightful afternoon at Curly. First, we destroy the Bears. Then, we get to watch numerous Bears fans watching the Packers destroy the Bears. Finally, we got to see obnoxious Bears fans not say a word from about the end of the first quarter on, as the Packers start destroying the Bears. Great times.

- How long does it take Bears fans to set up a flag pole? About 56 minutes for the douche bags tailgating next to us.

- Had to urinate bad right before half. Thought I would beat the halftime rush and go during the 2 minute warning. Bad idea. The lines were about 10 deep, so I missed a quick 10 points by the Pack. But in one of the most amazing things I've ever seen, all 100+ drunk guys in the bathroom went completely silent listening to each play on the radio. After the touchdown, the place went nuts - no pun intended. Getting 100 drunkards all silent is a small miracle...and could only be accomplished by NFL football.

- Jersey Watch. Lambeau was loaded with Bears fans. I'd say %95 of Chicago jersey's were Urlachers, with a few random Hester, Forte, Payton, and even a sweet McMahon #9. No lie, the second most common Bears jersey I saw was "#57, Kruetz." WTF? The guy's a center! Most random? Packers #80. Big deal, a Driver jersey, right? Nah. How about a Derrick Mayes #80? I don't think I saw a Derrick Mayes uni when Derrick Mayes actually played in Green Bay. The Winner? Some guy tailgating next to us (went at least 4 bills) with a personalized #76 and "Matt" on the back. Ha, got to love the first name on the jersey. Heard Jennings is gonna wear "Greg" on his next week.

- Example Number 1,823 of the NFL being completely bi-polar and impossible to predict. Last week, Tennessee's vaunted rushing attack went into Chicago and got a whopping 29 yards on 20 carries. This week, the Packers morbid ground game met up with the Bears 4th ranked rush defense. The result: 38 carries - 200 yards - 5.3 ypc.

- Kudos to the Green Bay O-Line. The interior of the line was road grading Chicago almost at will. At the same time, Chuck didn't get sacked or even knocked down all game.

- Justin Harrell sighting. I actually saw him pushing some people around...and it wasn't to get to the buffet table!

- AJ Hawk played great in the middle. Seemed more instinctive and natural at MLB. Yeah, he plugged the wrong hole at times (that's what she said) but played very good.

- Chicago completed a stellar 4 passes to WRs. They tried picking on Trammy Williams… nada.

- Chuck completed 23 of 30 passes. One was a spike to kill the clock, two were throw-aways out of bounds. That's efficiency, my friends.

- What happened to Devin Hester? I used to soil myself every time he’d return a kick. He's almost "just a guy" these days. He's currently ranked 51st in punt return average, and 23rd in kick returns.


woziszeus said...

Game of the year no doubt.

Anonymous said...

turns out they're just delaying the inevitable, while getting a worse draft pick in the process. It was a flash in the pan game for them, they're not good.