Saturday, November 15, 2008

Doug Melvin Trade History

MLB Trade Rumors has a history of all of Doug Melvin's trades, both as GM of Texas and Milwaukee.

Interesting to scroll through these. Melvin has traded lots of big names during his tenure as GM of the two clubs: Jose Canseco, Ryan Dempster, Juan Gonzalez, Andres Gallaraga, Richie Sexson, Carlos Lee, Alex Sanchez, etc.

As I look back through these during his Brewers days, the only two trades I don't like are the trade for Estrada with Arizona, and the trade for Linebrink with the Padres.

And Doug has made some absolute dandies. The Sexson trade, obviously, given the situation the franchise was in at the time, is probably his best deal. He got lots of useful major leaguers for Sexson, whom he traded at the absolute peak of his value.

Other trades that I particularly liked - the trade for Carlos Lee, the trade for Villanueva, the trade for Brian Shouse, and the trade for Mota (K bye, Estrada). Getting cash for Manny Alexander was a prety good trick. Oh, and that CC trade was OK too.

All in all a pretty solid record in Milwaukee.


Woz said...

Pat Borders for Cash in 2005.

U bet!

Been Cobra'd said...

In Doug We Trust

Anonymous said...

Is this becoming a weekly only blog?