Monday, November 17, 2008

Tom Haudricourt fills out drunken MVP Ballot

Tom H. drank 2 bottles of boons farm last night and turned in his NL MVP Ballot.

1. Ryan Howard, Phil
2. CC Sabathia, Mil
3. Manny Ramirez, LA
4. Carlos Delgado, NY (HA!!!!)
5. Aramis Ramirez, Chi
6. Prince Fielder, Mil
7. Albert Pujols, Stl
8. Ryan Ludwick, Stl
9. Ryan Braun, Mil
10. David Wright, NY

He ranked Albert Pujols 7th. 7th people. Good freaking lord. Now I hate Albert Pujols after what he said about the Brewers and the Carlos Villanueva thing this past year...but dude...he's the MVP. I'm not even going to get into the stats or anything else...he was far and ahead the MVP. Without him, the Cardinals would have seriously been like...69-93. I'm not even joking. Sober up Tom.

I was going to write more...but I can't. This is a complete farce. Tom H. thinks Carlos Delgado deserved to win the MVP more then Albert Pujols.


PS...congrats to Braun for rocking out a 3rd place finish. Somewhat shocking...but nice run.


brad said...

Ryan Ludwig over Braun???

AP said...

I actually feel disappointed that his list only shows the top 10. I'd like to see him go 50 or 100 deep on this. Wow that list is bad.

Over/Under: Tom H ranks Kapler 20th?

woziszeus said...

I can't stop thinking about this.

How could he honestly sit down with a pencil and paper and write out that list?

He's on the sauce. Big time. It's the only logical explanation.

Matt said...

Woz, you beat me to the punch. I guess the only thing positive that you can say is that at least he publicized his vote and shared his rationale. However I strongly suggest that any rationale that has the result of putting Pujols 7th in this MVP vote and Prince way ahead of Braun should be re-thought next year.

Matt said...

Actually putting 2008 Prince ahead of 2008 Pujols is mind-numbing - never mind Braun.

It's snowing pretty hard right now. Super.

Charlie Marlow said...


Wrigleyville said...

according to this, albert pujols is the 4th most valuable first baseman in the national league.

Goldy said...

Seriously, based on his logic, how could he have Delgado 4th? The Mets certainly didn't make the playoffs. That Fielder vote is insane. The reasoning that he had a good September is just dumb. That is what player of the month ios for. Not MVP. Maybe we can submit tom's ballot next season.

garcia said...

This is why I don't take anything that he writes, seriously. I've always thought he was an idiot and almost Yostian. He always thought he was smarter than the people that asked the questions and then he put out some sarcastic response.

Tom, you had no credibility with me before... maybe you should go hang out with ass-hat Jay Mariotti! You should not be a journalist! You're horrible

Hal said...

The SABR crowd is a bunch of whiny wannabees. It isn't a friggin stat award. Didn't the roided up looking, prima donna win a lot of other stat based awards?

MVP isn't the OPS title. The goofball said himself that a team that doesn't make the playoffs shouldn't have an MVP. If the all mighty Albert says that with the stat-heads licking his boots, shouldn't he get his way. He seems to always get his way the rest of the time.

He should've been suspended for threatening Villanueva and for sliding out of the basepath to injure a player.

Stop writing these posts when you're drunk.

Charlie Marlow said...

So...the fact that Albert Pujols appeared lowest out of every ballot on Tom H.'s and Prince appeared highest out of all ballots on Tom H.'s doesn't matter at all? He's just an objective reporter?

I know people can develop an affinity to their home team...but to the beat reporter?

Brian said...

You hate Pujols for calling out Villanueva? I assume you're talking about the episode where Villanueva yelled into the Cards' dugout. It seemed eminently fair for Pujols to castigate him for that. (Now, if you wanted to hate Pujols for what he said about Glavine during the '06 NLCS, I'd understand...)

Brian said...

And brad, Ludwick did better than Braun in VORP, Win Shares, and almost every advanced metric there is (included defensive ones). I'm not saying I wouldn't put Braun over Ludwick -- Braun played great down the stretch for a playoff team, and that's a fine tiebreaker. But by many measurements Ludwick was more productive than Braun, and to zero in on this "injustice" is odd, esp considering how kooky the rest of Hauddricourt's ballot is.

woziszeus said...

Chuckie Hacks welcomes Hal (Tom. H's first cousin and drinking buddy) to the discussion board. Welcome Hal!

Your right Hal. The MVP shouldn't be based on "stats." It should be placed on a combination of manliness & burliness.

F it. Matt Stairs should have gotten the MVP.


brad said...

Brian - I wasn't zeroing in on Ludwig over was just my initial reaction. Ludwig may have had a better year in terms of VORP, Win Shares, BBD, ABC, and 123...whatever.

Braun was mashing game winning bombs the last two weeks with pennant race implications while Ludwig was playing out the string with St Louis. Braun also had zero errors and 10 more steals.

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