Tuesday, September 2, 2008

September Call Ups

The Brewers brought up a significant number of minor league players to fill up the roster for September.

You all know them, but here they are again:

Gamel, Escobar, & Salome come from AA. Rottino, Gwynn, Brad Nelson (HA!), Joe Dillon, DeFilice, Dillard, & Stetter come from AAA.

Look at the list of these guys, and then look at the current Brewers roster. Then think of the situation the Brewers are in.

With the exception of Stetter, do you think any of these guys are going to have any significant impact on the games in September or the Postseason?

The answer is no.

Oh sure...DeFilice might get some mop up work. Escobar might give JJ a break 1 or 2 games in the 9 inning when we're up by 6 runs. Gamel & Nelson might get 6 or 7 at bats each.

We'll talk about Stetter possibly on the postseason roster some other time. But none of the other guys have a chance. Does anybody honestly think that after a playoff push, with the team playing great, with basically the same guys all year, with the team making the playoffs for the first time in 26 years that Ned Yost would let those same guys not get most of the playing time down the stretch? Does anybody think that Ned Yost would leave one of those guys off the playoff roster?

Not gonna happen people. The September call ups don't mean much this year. Enjoy the buffet and one-sixth of the major league minimum fellas...and enjoy the ride.


garcia said...

Don Money and Sandy Guerrero got the shaft. I thought for sure they would have been called up in case Yost or Skaalen needed a rest

Fire Bob Webb said...

What the hell was Yost doing yesterday? Why did he use Gwynn and Nelson, and not Kapler or Counsell, two guys that have been there all year? Yost is a drunken fool who couldn't manage his way out of a paper bag.

And screw Gagne too.

ClownShipLollypop. said...

I think Escobar will see the most action, but even he'll be limited.

During the Padre's series if we are up by a few you'll see Escobar at 2nd and hardy at short. I have a feeling they want to test the waters on that combo.

I think Yost showed yesterday that you'll see more of these guys than you think after he put in Nelson where a kapler sub was an obvious choice.