Tuesday, September 2, 2008

The Jags Continue Their Stellar Offseason

First, it was Matt Jones bringing new meaning to the nickname "White Lightning" by being arrested for possession of nose candy.

Then, Fred Taylor gets arrested for disorderly conduct on South Beach for getting into an argument with the cops - always a good idea. But wait, at least he had a good reason for being out at 4:00 AM - or not:

"People say it was four o'clock in the morning, but we're in Miami. We're not in Jacksonville, where everything closes at 2. In Miami everything opens at 2, so you take your nap and go out and have a good time and you come home. I was trying to come home and, unfortunately, this situation came about," he said.

Now, D-lineman Dick Collier faces life-threatening injuries after being gunned down outside of an apartment complex this weekend.

Sheesh...Jack Del Rio might have to cut some veteran backups and sign a few Secret Service members instead...


garcia said...

I think the Bengals are looking to sign the guy that shot Collier.

Marvin Lewis claimed, "He showed great explosiveness in getting through the lineman! We could use an upstanding citizen like that on our team!"

Goldy said...

Having spent 2 days in Pittsburgh earlier this summer, I would say that I found it to be a fine city. You get on the outskirts and you have a strong West Virginia element, but the city itself seemed nice enough. One plus was the did have a Puma store, something Milwaukee does not have yet. The also have a brew pub located in an old catholic church. Now if they just would have had the servers wearing catholic school girl uniforms, it would have been even better.

I would say Pittsburgh and Milwaukee are siblings.

Goldy said...

yep, that above comment should be in the Pittsburgh post. Nothing to see here.