Tuesday, September 2, 2008


Duke Football Fever, Catch it!

Funny. From ESPN.com

How's this for misfiring? About an hour before Duke kicked off against James Madison at Wallace Wade Stadium on Saturday, two men jumped out of an airplane and parachuted into the stadium to deliver the game ball. One problem: The men were supposed to jump in North Carolina's Kenan Stadium, which was about eight miles away. The men quickly ran off the field at Wallace Wade Stadium when they realized their mistake and never made it to North Carolina.


Matt said...

I have two questions:

1. Was UNC able to play its game despite the lack of game balls?

2. Who won the Duke game, Duke or James Madison? I think that's a legitimate question, although I'll give Duke the slight edge since they were at home.

brad said...

I'll take James Madison +6, even if the games over.

Anonymous said...

31-7, Duke.

Goldy said...

Big Northwestern-Duke game this weekend.

marshalledwards said...

They are all big when you are wagering on them.