Friday, August 29, 2008

Great Ahman Green Contract Insight

Andrew Brandt, the Packers former contract guy, has is part of a football website called The National Football Post. This week he has a great post that provides insight into the contract dealings with Ahman Green prior to the 2007 season. Very interesting stuff. I wanted Ahman to be a Packer i 07 just because they had no other rushing options to start the season. I do agree, and thought at the time, that the Texans were paying way too much. Things worked out fine for the Packers, but no so much for Ahman. I liked Ahman and look forward to seeign him in the Packer Hall of Fame one day.


Plesac's a Traitor said...

Interesting story on Ahman. I wish someone would court me in free agency. I'd have no problem flying in private jets to watch sporting events in the first row.

Too bad he turned out to be a piss poor investment. As Nelson (from the Simpsons) would say, "HAH HAH!"

Matt said...

I liked this little editorial comment from Brandt:

"We struggled for a while last season without Ahman until Ryan Grant came into his own with his stellar play, earning a stunning contract after limited experience."

That's a thinly-veiled shot at the Packers front office and the current salary cap guru...nice.

D'Amico's one good year said...

Ahman Green>Ryan Grant.

Not currently! But as a player. My opinion only.

Anonymous said...

Great stuff by that guy.

brad said...

For the record, Andrew Brant declined an invite to work for Chuckie Hacks. We got Woz instead.

Great read. Ahman was fun to watch in his prime.