Thursday, August 28, 2008

God Bless The SEC

Anybody catch the South Carolina game? Up 27-0 with 5 minutes left, Spurrier airs it out and completes a 50 yard bomb. Only the Ole' Ball Coach. The of the many reasons SEC football gives me a tingling sensation in my loins. Others?

- SEC is 9-1 in their last 10 BCS games.

- 5 coaches are wearing NCAA championship rings (Ball Coach, Les Miles, Nick Saben, Phil Fullmer, and Urban Meyer) and a 6th (Tommy Tubberville) went undefeated but didn't get a chance...because the BCS is a turd sandwich. Three others (Houston Nutt, Bob Petrino, Mark Richt) are considered excellent college coaches...and I haven't even mentioned the 2007 SEC coach of the year, Sylvester Croom. That's a solid list.

- Pressure. At every institution but one (Kentucky), football is king. More interest = more pressure. More pressure = more resources dumped into football. More resources dumped into football = You better F-ing win now, or you're canned!

- Stadiums: Death Valley, The Swamp, Neyland, The Hedges, Bryant...the list goes on...

- Talent. More starters in the NFL hail from SEC schools than any other.

- Verne Lundquist. Sure, he might butcher 2 out of every 3 names he tries to pronounce, but a SEC game on CBS with Verne at the mic is always a must see/listen.

- Speaking of, how's this to get the juices flowing? Goldy loves the Old School NFL Today song (which is sweet), and I'm partial to the March Madness about this? CBS College Football Theme Song.

Enjoy the College Football season, Mopes....if it only had a better ending....
Quick prediction: Badgers 38, Akron 17


Anonymous said...

I would say football is 3rd at Vandy behind academics and basketball.

brad said...

Good point. They're so non-SEC-like I forgot about them.

Anonymous said...

yeah but jay cutler went there so...its kinda like holy grounds for me.


Anonymous said...

Vanderbilt does not have an Athletic Department. They reject it.

D'Amico's one good year said...

I would make a joke... But I'm an Oregon Duck, so I'm going to shut it.