Friday, July 11, 2008

Sal Bando All Over Again

You would think that Ted Thompson would know better. Those who don't learn from history are doomed to repeat it - is that the saying?

Sixteen years after Sal Bando ran Paul Molitor out of Milwaukee, saying he was "only a DH" and refusing to offer him a contract, it appears pretty clear now that Ted Thompson has done the same thing with Brett Favre, only a little more sneakily.

Favre never seemed committed to retirement. Now he's intimating that he only retired because he felt like the Packers were pressing him for a decision one way or the other in March. That pressure could only have come from Thompson. And now Favre wants back into the NFL, if not with the Packers, then with someone. But Thompson isn't hearing it.

Ted, before making the decision to cut Favre loose to sign with another team, you might want to take a peek at Sal Bando's legacy with the Brewers. I'll give you a preview: It ain't pretty. Bando is making dolls now, last I heard.

Oh yeah - and that Molitor guy could still play a little bit. He would have helped the Brewers. He won a championship with an outfit in Toronto.


brad said...

Sal Bando wasn't bad just because of letting Paul Molitor go. The bad examples are numerous. Also, was Uncle Bud going to open up the wallet and give Molly the same money Toronto did? Doubt it.

One more thing. Bando never got the Brewers to the playoffs, let alone the ALDS (NFC Championship game).

Anonymous said...

bando was the fall guy for selig. selig didnt want to spend the cash so he had bando not offer him a contract. bud didnt want to be the guy to tell molly.

Matt said...

I don't disagree with that, anonymous. But Bando is perceived as the guy who ran Molitor out of town. And as often happens, perception became reality.

My point is that Thompson probably doesn't want his legacy to end up like Bando's, but he's sure gone down that path. He has one more chance to change that.

Anonymous said...

Thompson hasn't been here long enough to have a legacy anyway. He hasn't done anything else for people to remember him for, so of course this will be it.