Friday, July 11, 2008

Favre Asks For His Release

WTMJ (and now, ESPN) is reporting that #4 has asked for his release from the Green Bay Packers.

First, this is not a surprise in any way, shape, or form.

Second, good luck. No chance GB releases him without getting something (draft pick?) for him, and possibly seeing him land with the Vikings.

Third, good luck #2. Favre putting on another jersey is a disaster waiting to happen...for him, that is. He's too dumb to learn a new offense (he's said so in the past)...especially two weeks before camp starts, he probably won't have as good of a WR/TE corps, and he surly won't have as good of a pass-protecting tackle combo to keep him upright as he did in Green Bay.

Brett, I love ya, but just hang it up. It will be a mess. Just jump back on your Lawn Boy and ride into the sunset.


Anonymous said...

was this another text message?

Anonymous said...

Favre is so going to regret this. Sure he'll never admit it, but he will.

Unfortunately this probably means Favre is done with GB - forever. No reunions, charity events, team events, etc... it won't be like Bart Starr who you see around GB all the time. The franchse is dead to him now.

And TT better be wearing a bulletproof vest these days. Lots of crazies out there who won't take kindly to him pushing their savior away from GB.

woziszeus said...


Reinstate him...then look for a trade. We can't not get anything for him.

...unbelievable that Brett Favre would tarnish his legacy like this. A lot of people are going to be sad to watch him play for another team, but most others (myself included) are going to be mad at him for doing it this way.

Goldy said...

As much as pretty much everybody in the state loved Brett Favre, I think half the state will now hate him and the other half will think ted thompson is the devil. Put me in the dislike of Favre camp.

the other ben said...

good luck playing in Tampa. just looked it up and their tackles are J Trueblood and D Penn. whoever they are.

Anonymous said...

The Green Bay Packers are aware of the latest developments regarding Brett Favre.

Brett earned and exercised the right to retire on his terms. We wanted him to return and welcomed him back on more than one occasion.

Brett's press conference and subsequent conversations in the following weeks illustrated his commitment to retirement.

The finality of his decision to retire was accepted by the organization. At that point, the Green Bay Packers made the commitment to move forward with our football team.

As a retired player, Brett has the option to apply for reinstatement with Commissioner Goodell. If that were to occur, he would become an active member of the Green Bay Packers. As always, the Packers will do what's right and in the best interest of the team.

As with all Packers greats, Brett's legacy will always be celebrated by our fans and the organization, regardless of any change in his personal intentions.

Brett and Deanna will always be a part of the Packers family.

Guess he's gone.

Matt said...


This couldn't have worked out any better for those of us who think that Ted has totally botched this whole situation.

brad said...

How? Favre retired, the Packers moved on.

If Favre would have came out publicly a month ago saying "I want to come back," wouldn't that have forced the Packers hand to do something earlier?