Friday, July 11, 2008

Ted DID Want Favre Back!!

From FoxSports.Com.

In late March during the NFL Owners Meeting, Favre informed the team he wanted to play again, multiple sources have told Not only did he insist he was returning, both head coach Mike McCarthy and GM Ted Thompson agreed that he still had something left and they would welcome him back. Despite the fact that those close to Favre have stated Thompson did not want Favre back, Thompson was the deciding factor in agreeing it was not too late to have him un-retire at that time and start for the Packers in 2008.

In fact, team brass went as far as chartering a jet to fly to Mississippi to make it official later that week. The agreement was that the NFL's all-time leading passer would return for the year but help make it easier and palatable for Rodgers, who would have to wait another season to take the helm.

The group was set for this huge move when Favre suddenly phoned the team two days before the meeting was to take place and informed McCarthy that he had changed his mind yet again and was staying retired. While team officials were stunned by Favre's reversal, they made the decision to move on and draft his replacement, a move that Favre at the time understood. The Packers selected two quarterbacks in April's draft, Louisville's Brian Brohm in the 2nd round and LSU's Matt Flynn in the 7th round.

Then, a few weeks ago, Favre phoned the team stating he had that "itch" again to play. However, since he had jilted the Packers in March, the team simply took his latest request with a grain of salt. In addition, the team has put considerable time and attention into making Rodgers comfortable as the heir apparent.

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Anonymous said...

ive been thinking about this for a few hours now, and ive decided im okay with favre going elsewhere, assuming it is a trade and not an outright release (gotta go to the afc) there are countless predecessors (unitas-chargers, emmitt smith-cardinals, montana-chiefs, jordan-wizards, hank aaron-brewers. in 5 or 10 years nobody is gonna care. its a shame though, he could have just not "retired" and started for the pack this year