Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Most. Talent. Ever?

I saw the Artist Formerly Known as Peter Gammons on Baseball Tonight last night. He was talking about the Brewers and what they might do. Two interesting nuggets:

1. Gammons said that a scout told him that the Brewers AA team in Huntsville has the best collection of talent that he has seen on a minor league team, ever. That's a fairly bold statement. No word on whether this scout is currently in his first year of scouting.

2. Gammons also said that having spent the last two weekends in Chicago, it was apparent that both the Cubs and the White Sox were very concerned about what the Brewers might be able to do at the deadline. Frankly, I didn't understand why the White Sox would be concerned (maybe they don't want the Brewers to give Cleveland 4 top minor leaguers for Sabathia?).


brad said...

Wow, those are big words. Are any of those talented guys at AA pitchers? That would be sweet.

Merle Harmon said...

The Sox are concerned that after the Brewers win the World Series, all the kids in Schaumburg will be wearing Brewers hats and not Sox hats. Unless they are going for the Dre Chronic-era look.

Andrew said...

Gammons may have meant the Sox have their eye on a speedy Brewer or two, and if the Brewers are buying rather than selling the Sox will be forced to look elsewhere for help at the top of the order. Not sure who he'd think the Brewers were moving, though.

AP said...

Speedy Brewer....? That's typically an oxymoron.

Mel Stocker is probably available for the right price.

garcia said...

I believe Nedly was the "scout" that told that to gammons... The scout told him the same thing last year about single A and the Year before about AAA.

Is this the same scout that gave Favre the talent information on the Packers the last 5 years?