Sunday, July 6, 2008

Milwaukee Brewers: All Grown Up

You've herd of "The Day the Music Died," and "A date which will live in infamy." Well, here at Chuckie Hacks I am calling July 6th, 2008 as "The Day the Milwaukee Brewers Grew Up."

Yes, after decades of mostly AAAA baseball the Brewers are now big boys...capable of picking out their own clothes, and staying out past dusk. Oh, there has been progress. Progress indeed. But lets be honest, an 81 and 83 win season sandwiched around a 75-87 campaign doesn't get anyone excited. Unless you are, well, Brewers fans.

Have the Brewers ever been buyers before the trade deadline? Not only buyers, but they're throwing out the American Express Gold card and ponying up for the biggest horse on the auction block. How refreshing is this? It's like when the Selig's would shell out $5 million for Sean Berry, only like 1,000 times better.

Practically every trade I can remember (Pods for Carlos the exception) has been the opposite: Brewers trade one 450 horsepower engines for a bunch of dead spark plugs, some windshield washer fluid and an oil pan. See: Greg Vaughn for Marc Newfield, Bryce Florie, and Ron Villone.

Not only do they get CC, but they get him for studs in AA highlighting the organizational strength...which we already knew. How Jack Z isn't a GM by now is beyond me.

Finally, the most important example of why today is "The day the Brewers Grew Up" is the collective groan herd from Chicago and St. Louis. You know those front office guys are thinking "we just got trumped by the fucking Brewers?? Guys of that caliber are supposed to go to New York, Boston, or Atlanta...not Milwaukee!!!"

Will this move push the Brewers into the playoffs? I have no idea. But as long as Sheets doesn't strain his ovaries and Prince and CC don't eat the Harley-Davidson factory, I can't see why not. That said, no chance I buy in...see this post for explanation.


Anonymous said...

I love that we are apparently getting them to take ZachJack instead of Cain or any of the other guys that were rumored. Still might lose Green, but if that's what it takes, oh well.

Sure we might be overpaying for a rental, but when you are rich with prospects, who cares about overpaying?

Anonymous said...

Also it was pretty smart of the Brewers brass to keep all these guys in AA instead of promoting them. Hitters' ballpark, a stacked lineup, lesser competition to face. It just makes them look better to potential trade partners.

AP said...

Someone may have to talk Woz down from the ledge after he finds out we gave up Zach Jackson.

Anonymous said...

I cant wait to see his Brewer cap tipped slightly to one side.

Anonymous said...

What now?

Crew will probably release Mota and put Clunger in the pen?