Sunday, June 8, 2008

Your New 7th Through 9th Inning Tandem

Hey, I can pitch the 7th and all or part of the 8th!

I can pitch the 9th and part of the 8th if needed!

I know this isn't ground breaking news, but at this point it should just be some combination Villanueva and Torres over the last 3 innings in tight games. I can't believe Ned didn't stick with his "formula" today and run out Mota. Torres gets the save and Villanueva gets a gold star smiley face hold with no help from Dillon's D.


JamJam said...

So 3-2 in the 8th isn't a save situation now, Ned?

Anonymous said...

I also was dreading seeing Mota and the blue glove of death. Luckily someone convinced Ned otherwise (cause you know this wasn't his doing...)

starting pitchers said said...

Maybe we can try to pitch some of the 7th every once in a while.