Monday, June 9, 2008

Weeks Flying Solo

Rickie Weeks flew back to Milwaukee after the Colorado series to have his injured knee examined after that questionable slide into second base by some Colorado scrub in the first game of the Rockies series.

"We have the day off so we just want to have it checked out," said Yost. "We don't think it's serious but they might as well check it."

The last time Yost didn't think a knee injury was serious, the guy ended up with a torn ACL. I know the Weeks haters think they will be happy if Weeks ends up on the DL, but personally I'd prefer Weeks over Dillon or Counsell as the every day 2B.


Anonymous said...

What about as the everyday leadoff hitter?

Matt said...

Anonymous noticed that I was very careful in my word choice there.

I don't love Weeks as the everyday leadoff hitter, but frankly don't see another option on the current roster. Really, the next guy who makes any sense at all is Kendall.

matt said...

Sprained knee for Weeks. Day to day.

matt said...

Or DL. Whatever.

Welcome, Hernan Iribarren.