Friday, June 6, 2008

Mota Was Not Effective

That was difficult to watch.

2 questions:

Would Cameron have run down either of those balls in center in that dreadful inning? I'm thinking he gets to at least 1 of them - Helton's.

More importantly - why didn't Villanueva come out to pitch the 8th?



Anonymous said...

2 answers:

Probably not.

Because Yost is an idiot.

There, done.

MGD Mike said...

I had the same two questions while watching it all unfold.

After two strait hits they should have brought him in, Villanueva is a strike out pitcher. We needed a strike out at that point! "Mofo" is a pitch to contact guy- not what we needed at that time of the game.

Ans why not bring in Cameron for Defense when the game in in control. Isn't that what we got him for....his defense?

I just hope this dosen't send them spiraling again.....yikes!

mgd mike said...

What really stinks about all this is I am starting to come over to Brads way of thinking....Ned must go!

" Turn to the Dark side Luke! ",
" Noooooooo!"