Monday, June 9, 2008

Wait, So You're a Switch Hitter and You Lead Off?

Apparently, the Brewers have sent scouts to check on Brian Roberts. Knowing a little about the history of Brian Roberts trade rumors, this is likely a futile endeavor, but interesting nonetheless on an off day.

From Ken Rosenthal (and a head nod to loyal reader Jason for the story):

Make this trade!

Here's a deal that makes sense: Brian Roberts for Rickie Weeks. The Brewers, who recently had two scouts watching the Orioles, are interested in Roberts, but it remains to be seen whether they are ready to give up on Weeks.

Roberts, a more accomplished leadoff hitter and better defender than Weeks, is a more natural fit for a contender. The Orioles, meanwhile, could be patient with Weeks defensively, much as the Twins are being patient with the erratic Carlos Gomez. Weeks would be another young, athletic building block to go with Adam Jones and Nick Markakis.

A straight-up deal might be out of the question, considering that Roberts is a free agent after next season while Weeks is under club control through 2011. But the Orioles could add a young pitcher or even one of their veteran relievers while perhaps getting another piece back in return.

Melvin denied interest in Roberts on the JSOnline Brewers Blog.

Melvin said his pro scouts were watching the Orioles as part of their normal assignments.

I can buy this - the Brewers actually play the Orioles later this month.

A couple of comments:

1. It's good to see Haudricourt actually checking his sources and linking stories in his posts, after that Ned-is-about-to-be-fired fiasco of a few weeks back.

2. If Ned Yost had said that the Brewers had no interest in Roberts, then I would say that chances are pretty good that a deal was about to be struck.


Woz said...

I would make this deal in a heartbeat if the Orioles would offer some class A pitcher as well.

If they still only offer the deal straight up...I would wait maybe 3 minutes before taking it.

Been Cobra'd said...

Roberts and one of the Ripkens. I'm sure they still have a few in their system.

Krey said...

I would need a trip to the john to think about it. I'm pretty sure Cal Jr. had all girls, but who knows about Billy.

Anonymous said...

Roberts and 3 of the Billy Ripken "FUCK FACE" Fleer error cards for Weeks.

Willie the Groundskeeper said...

Angelos loves BRoberts. He'll never let him go.

Anonymous said...

why the hell would the orioles make this trade??? of course if you're the brewers u pull the trigger immediately! although i could see mcphail throw roberts over to a rival of his former team....especially after he didn't make the deal with the cubs.