Monday, June 2, 2008

Stretching Him Out to be a Starter?

Latest Nasville Sounds game recap. I'll pull out the most interesting nugget:

Derrick Turnbow started for the Sounds and worked two scoreless innings, allowing one hit while walking two batters and striking out three.

I'm not sure what I find most surprising in that sentence - that Turnbow started the damn game, or that he only gave up two walks in the two innings. A 1.5 WHIP? Good work Derrick!


Anonymous Adam said...

Not to burst your bubble Matt but here was Turnblow's outing previous to this. Maybe he can become Mark Wohlers and fall from being almost dominant to being awful to ragaining and becoming somewhat respectable in the future (

Derrick started and went 1 2/3, walking 6. While allowing four SBs.

Anonymous said...

First Joba, now DBow.

AP said...

I think I heard someone mention that the reason they are stretching him out and starting him is so that he gets to accumulate more innings and work out whatever the hell it is that's wrong with him. He's making 3 mil this year to pitch to AAA batters, so they are damn sure going to give him the opportunity to turn it around and not just give him an inning here or there.

I wish they'd go back to him being a reliever, because those outings seemed way, way funnier.