Monday, June 2, 2008

Kampman is a Good Fellow.

Peter King and his gigantic head have a great column about Aaron Kampman's hometown (Parkersburg, Iowa) which was hammered by tornadoes last week. Kampman and 3 other NFLers from his town (how crazy it it to have 4 NFL players from a 1,200 person town?) are helping the rebuilding effort.
It's a good read and really shows that there are more than just a bunch of Vicks, Pacmans, and T.O.s in the NFL.


blueguitarbob said...

I've met Aaron on a few occasions (church activities), and he's the real deal.

Goldy said...

From all I have heard he seems like a good guy. I probably wouldn't like him as much if the Packers didn't match Minnesota's offer sheet a few seasons back. That would have hurt!