Monday, June 2, 2008

Dumb Stat of the Day

Crazy stat - every team in the NL Central is above .500 in 1-run games. The Brewers are 11-6. The Reds are 12-4. (Perhaps due in part because each just played the Braves, who are something like 2-16 in 1-run games?)

The Cubs and Houston are the worst in the division - each is 1 game over .500 in 1-run games.

Given the garbage bullpens in the division at the back end (St. Louis, Milwaukee, and to some extent the Cubs have struggled at closing out games) this surprises me.

No other division in the NL has more than 2 teams with above .500 records in 1-run games. We have 6.

This will likely even out over the course of the point? Nothing, I guess, except that the Brewers would do well to stop playing in so many 1-run games.


Anonymous said...

You have to take into account (for the Brewers anyway) the number of "1 run games" that were 1 or more run wins previous to our aforementioned crappy bullpen blowing the save, then the offens having to win the game for them in extras or the bottom of the 9th.

matt said...