Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Name the 1992-1993 Toronto Blue Jays

We did this previously with the '89 Reds squad, but let's s how many members of the 1992 and 1993 Blue Jays World Championship teams we can come up with. I am assuming the roster had little turnover between the two seasons. I'll start with a couple. Again, try to guess the players off the top of your head.

MGR: Cito Gaston
DH: Paul Molitor
C: Pat Borders?
1B: John Olerud
2B: Spittin' Robbie Alomar
3B: Kelly Gruber?
SS: Alfredo Griffin (just kidding, I have no clue)
OF: Joe Carter

These are all best gusses on the pitching staff
Jimmy Key
Al Lieter
Pat Hentgen
Was Dave Steib stil on the team?
Jack Morris - this is a wild guess. Was he ever even on the Jays?


Woz said...

I think Devon White was in the outfield and was their leadoff man.

Matt said...

OF - Otis Nixon? Danny Tartabull?

Matt said...

Actually Tartabull played for the Royals - another blue team.

That guy with the glasses was their closer - Henke?

Not so anonymous Jake said...

SS - Tony Fernandez?

AP said...

Is Candy Moldanado involved there somewhere, or was he in San Fransico at that time?

Anonymous said...

Dan Pleasac, Devo, Tony Fernandez, O' brien the old brewer catcher with the crazy hockey/catcher mask, Otis Nixon

Anonymous Adam said...

Lest we not forget Juan Guzman who has more gerry curl than anyone this side of Eric LaSalle (Darryl Jenks) in Coming to America. You probably learned how to fight with all those lions in Africa and shit

brad said...

OF - Devo and Ricky Henderson

P - Dave Stewart, Todd Stottlemyer

Did they have Dave Winfield at one point? And I think a young Carlos Delgado was the backup catcher.

Not so anonymous Jake said...

After checking on baseball reference (cheating I know), Carlos Delgado did appear in 2 games for the '93 Jays, a young Shawn Green also appeared in three games that year.

Goldy said...

Most of you appear to be dead on so far. I looked up the rosters on Baseball Reference shortly after my first post and there were a lot of names I didn't expect. I forgot all about Guzman. He probably learned his Soul Glow approach from George Bell. I will be unable to post a follow up this afternoon, but if someoner would liek to summarize how good we did and who we missed here in the comment section it would be appreciated. Thanks

Matt said...

There was a little variation between the two years.

Kelly Gruber was the 3B in '92 but Ed Sprague took over in '93.

Candy Maldanado was indeed an OF for the 1992 team, but it appears that Darrin Jackson and Ricky Henderson split time in the outfield in 1993 in the Candyman's place.

The SS in '92 was Manuel Lee, in '93 it was Tony Fernandez.

Dave Winfield was the DH in '92, Molitor in '93.

And Goldy, Jack Morris was indeed a starter in both '92 and '93 for the Jays. So was Todd Stottlemyre and Juan Guzman.

Hentgen and Stewart were starters in '93.

Finally, the immortal Duane Ward closed down games for the Jays in 1993.

Nice work folks.