Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Tom H. and Ned - Not BFFs

I don't think that Tom H. is going to be in Ned's Fave 5 any time soon, based on Ned's comments yesterday:

"That somebody doing a blog can start a frenzy over nothing is a joke. I expected more out of those people [who responded to the blog] than what I got. I'll know better next time...."


"There's no legitimacy there at all, but we put it on the Internet for everybody to see and raise havoc over. It's not fair and it's not right, and you [beat reporters] want to have a working relationship? You start pulling cheap [stuff] like that?"

Perhaps Ned was just crabby because he was fightin' and battlin' a cold yesterday.


brad said...

The best part came in that very same article when Yost was talking about Brauns comments: "Everybody's got the right to say what they want."

Ummmm...unless they are about Yosts job, that is.

Matt said...

It will be interesting to see how Tom H. treats Ned in the paper from here on out. He has been a fairly staunch Yost defender in the past.

Does he ratchet up the ass kissing factor, or do an about-face and just start ripping him?

Ahh...the drama.

Anonymous said...

Tom H. is a douche.