Thursday, May 22, 2008


Can't fire Ned now...this team is butter!

These are the games/teams that the Brewers are supposed to win/beat. I'm not looking past today's game...but the Nationals are another team the Brewers need to whoop up on. 3 out of 4 there is a must as well before the team comes back to Milwaukee. You can almost hear Braun pumping up the guys in the clubhouse before these games..."We need to kick their's the freaking Pirates for crying out loud...sit dead red on a fastball and let's own these chumps!"

How good is Ben Sheets? Seriously. Guy is just a stud and is head over heals better then every other Brewer pitcher. Take a good look at the stats. Innings pitched. Strikeouts v Walks. ERA. It gets old mentioning but it needs to be reiterated: without him the Brewers would be terrible instead of painfully average.

Can we just cut the crap and call Salomon Torres the closer? I mean come on. The guy is lights out out of the pen this year. Nope...don't want to Ned? Why? Here's why:
"Probably, he will get the majority of the closing situations," Yost said. "But if I don't have to, I don't like to paint myself into a corner. If I want to bring in Shouse, I don't [want to] get 90 questions on why Torres didn't pitch."
Stop thinking Ned. Just know this. Torres can go an inning plus. If it's in the 8th and we are up, bring Torres in the nail the game down. That's all I'm saying man. K bye Gagne...enjoy your 10 million you billups.

Bill Hall and his putrid OBP (.286!!!!) are finally done as the everyday 3rd baseman. I refuse to do the Bill Hall chant ever again until he gets his OBP over .300. I'm sorry, that's my breaking point. Get ready for...another Craig Counsell platoon! Yes! My only question is: Is Russell the Muscle not even being considered if this platoon is for real? Guy is owning souls in Triple A to the tune of a 1.151 OPS! Get him up here! Is it not even worth a shot?!

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brad said...

Have to add to your Bill Hall OBP stat:

Bill Hall's OBP vs RHP - .229!!!