Monday, May 5, 2008

Celebrity Death & General Gambling update

Albert Hoffman...the inventor of LSD...tragically lost his life this past weekend.

Congrats to my buddy Dick (an infrequent Hacker) for selecting him in the 3rd round of my Celebrity Death Pool. Quite the pick.

That's the second death amongst celebrities picked for this pool (I had Charlton Heston...who was tragically lost a month or so ago). Here are the updated scores for your amusement.
Woziszeus - 1
Dick - 1
GreatOne - 0
Lofty - 0
DreamCrusher - 0
MK - 0
BK - 0

I actually lost an additional $10 because I had a side bet with Dick. We had a straight up $10 bet as to who would go first (this year only). I had John Goodman...and he had A. Hoffman. Congrats on the side win Dick.

In other side action gambling news, I sent out a general email to some buddies laying the over/under on Ryan Braun home runs in the month of May at 9.5. The Great One (who is the worst sports better on the planet and knows nothing about Baseball or the Brewers in general) immediately took the under and we agreed upon a $50 bet. My Jewish buddy has took out 2 already. Easy money baby!

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